Level 20 and Out!


I had been playing the game several hours a day leveling up and once I reached level 15 a fierceness to level up seemed to overtake me.  I began thinking about WoW when I went to bed, moved through my dreams like my character did in the game and woke up thinking about the game.   Every night I quickly finished readings and chores to return to the game and level up.  I worked with zest and zeal and finally reached level 20 Warlock status!  To my surprise I have yet to return to the game.

I began pondering where the passion went to; why I was not interested in leveling up.  As I was thinking my husband asked if I wanted to go for a “leaf peeping” drive.   I asked him where to and he responded, “we’ll just drive”.    My immediate thought was, I don’t just want to drive, where we are going, what is the destination.  Then it clicked- I’m a goal oriented person!

I never realized that I like to have a destination and achieve the destination, I like a project and to complete the project, etc.    In Wow, leveling up did not give me a great sense of joy or accomplishment.  I worked to get to level 20 because that was my goal.  Once I achieved this, I felt completed and walked away.

I’ve decided, for curiosity sake, to return to the game and see what I feel now that an outside goal is not in my mind…


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