Sherlock Holmes has breast cancer

Sherlock Holmes has breast cancer

The picture attached is of my high school friends. The girl dressed as Sherlock Holmes has a rare case of breast cancer that she has battling for a year. She has a husband and a beautiful little girl.   I just received an email from her husband that her condition has worsened and within days or weeks she will pass. I do not tell you this story to ruin your day or sadden you. Kristina (aka Beanie) was a woman that is full of life. Back when girls could not compete in all sports she challenged convention. There was not a girls soccer team in high school and she wanted to play. She challenged the law and went to the school board. As a result she was the first female to play varsity soccer in Methuen Ma. She played on the boys team for the full 4 years. She was a feminist before it was cool to be one! She wore argyl socks every day and never wore makeup. She let her hair dry in natural curls and always had a smile for everyone she met. She never said a bad word about a person and said they must be suffering when someone was being difficult.  She really is the coolest person I have ever met in my life and she left me a better person for knowing her. She w always wanted to be a mother and at the age of 38 her wish came true. She has a doctorate in child gaming studies. She was one of the few people that supported my decision to return to school and get an MSW. Dealing with her impending passing has made realize that I have been preoccupied with the small things in life. Remember to take care of your health and get that small issue checked out. Remember to tell the people that they are important to you. Remember to stop and enjoy a simple pleasure. Remember to laugh each day and to love without hesitation. Beanie lived her life this way and her friends will honor her memory by fighting for what they believe and living life to the fullest.


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